Tern Verge X10

Brand/model – Tern Verge X10

Price - £1,350

What they say “This is the bike for city riders looking for something really light, really fast, really portable and made from top quality stuff so they can get where they are going, fast. Nothing more……nothing less.”


Tern’s Verge is a work of art, with smooth, aerodynamic curves and every little detail looks like it’s been subject to some deep consideration. It’s the kind of bike that makes even people who don’t care for folding bikes stop and look. I’ve got one, and only one, complaint about the design: the asymmetric positioning of the OCL Joints looks spectacular and makes the bike fold up nicely, but the hinge on the handlepost was exactly at knee height. I only banged my knee against it once, but boy did it hurt.

The Verge doesn’t start to fold quite as readily as a Brompton, where all you have to do is lift the back wheel. The trade off is that the folding mechanism feels much more sturdy, with Tern’s patented OCL Joint providing a secure, strong locking solution. The hinge has safety locks on it to prevent any accidental opening, and the N-Fold Technology means that the bike folds quickly and in to a very small package. It’s easy and quick, but I found I did miss the Brompton’s “half-fold” a little.

Tern Verge X10 On the road, the OCL Joints translate to rigidity. Where other folding bicycles can feel spongy, the Verge is solid and fast – so much so that you wouldn’t know it was a folding bike to ride it. Opinion in the office was divided over this rigidity, with some saying it felt unstable, but I’m writing the review, so I get final say: Perhaps it’s just because I’m used to the twitch of riding a track bike on the road, but I found the Verge felt like riding a high-end bicycle. This is because it is a high-end bicycle, responsive and fast. You’ll really be surprised how quickly you can travel on these small wheels.

The components and technology are second-to-none. The gear range is wide enough to cover anything you’ll tackle in the urban environment: a SRAM 11-36T cassette, and an FSA 55T chainring. Changing gear is smooth, and the bike runs silently. The Double Truss frame is stiff and responsive to the power you put through it. The TIG welding is as beautiful as it is functional. Forget even the folding aspect, because it’s just a great bike.

I have a heavily modified Brompton at home that my father-in-law gave to me. I’ve long held it head and shoulders above other folding bikes I’ve ridden, and not just for sentimental reasons: it’s simply faster, smoother, and more responsive. The Tern Verge tops it. There. It’s hard to say. The Verge is the best folding bike I’ve ever been on, bar none. If you’re in the market for a folding bike, the only thing that should put you off the Verge is the price.

Tern Verge X10 PRICE 3.5 Stars

It's expensive, no doubt. But it's not much more than annual bus ticket. And it's certainly a fair price for a high-end bike.

Tern Verge X10 DESIGN 5 Stars

Simply stunning. Beautiful to behold. Should be a game-changer for all folding bikes.

Tern Verge X10 FUNCTIONALITY 5 Stars

Twitchy and fast, like a road bike. Comes with brackets for luggage. Perhaps all a bit overboard for your average commuter, but there's no doubting this does the job.

Tern Verge X10 OVERALL 5 Stars

You won't find a better folding bike. The price is the only downside, and as above, it's not too much when you consider what it is you're getting.


The folding bike updated for the new millenium. Fast, functional, and gorgeous. Rides better than a lot of road bikes. We're sold on it.