2012 Tour de France presentation on Cycling TV

2012 Tour de France Presentation

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It's time for us to see what the 2012 Tour de France holds. Which is to say, it's time for us to see whether ASO will acknowledge that we already know what the 2012 Tour de France holds thanks to a website mess-up on their part.

The information is out there, but this is the first official announcement, and the first time that more detailed questions about the route will be answered. We know there will be two time-trials and four summit finishes. Let's see them. And then show us the rest. Hopefully it'll be as varied as the 2011 Tour route turned out to be.


You get: FREE live broadcast of the 2012 Tour de France Presentation, with FREE archived highlights.

When: Live right here on 18th October 2011, at 09:30 UTC / 05:30 ET. On demand content will be available shortly after the event.

We'll also be live-tweeting it, if you're that way inclined.