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2012  Scheldeprijs


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Wednesday April 4, 2012
Live: 12:50 - 15:30 UTC
On Demand coverage will be available shortly after the race finishes.

On Demand

Wednesday April 4, 2012

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Participants & Maps

2012 Scheldeprijs start list (external site)

Ones to watch

Tyler Farrar
In the absence of a now baby-owning Cavendish, Tyler is the likeliest person to take over the mantle of race favourite. He's got a fast sprint, lives locally and... err... is a pretty cool guy. Will he have team support, though, or will they be thinking about Roubaix?
Andre Greipel
Go Gorilla! He's called the gorilla because... oh, we did that last time. Well, he's big and scary and can sprint well enough to be a serious contender. Just look at this guy. We think his nickname should be Andre the Giant. Obey!
Theo Bos
Alternatively: Mark Renshaw. They're on the same team anyway. Theo will be flinging people from their bikes, Mark will be headbutting rivals. All in all, it'll be a jolly old time if both of them can make it to the finish line in contention.
Anybody really
Shocking! Outrageous! How dare we suggest such a thing? But you'll all be laughing on the other side of your collective face when Billy Notasprinter launches his epic solo attack, holds off the sprinters in the final 300 meters, and salutes his baby in his victory celebration.