GP Cycliste de Montréal

It's our fourth live day in a row, and we're back in Canada for yet another new race: the GP Cycliste de Montréal. A single-day race around downtown Montréal might not sound too taxing, but it involves a short, tough 2km-long climb that's tackled 17 times. With the best teams in the world lining up at the start, this is sure to be an entertaining addition to the race calendar.


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GP Cycliste de Montréal Live
Sunday 11 September; 18:00-21:00 UTC
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2011 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal provisional startlist


Robert Gesink
  Philippe Gilbert
Robert Gesink Bobby Gesink won this race in 2010. We'll see his skinny legs on the start line this year, and he may want to go down in Montréal folklore as the guy who won this thing two years in a row. Move over, International Jazz Festival, there's a new star in town.
  Philippe Gilbert He wins everything. We're used to it now. Here are the lyrics to You're The Best: Try to be best, ‘Cause you’re only a man, And a man’s gotta learn to take it. Try to believe, Though the going gets rough, That you gotta hang tough to make it.